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Shock Pallet Shipping Solutions For All Types Of Electronic Storage Devices

Shock Pallet for server rack
Shock Pallet Cushion Pallet
Shock Pallets

Our expertise covers everything from delicate lab testing equipment to high-tech electronics and IT assets. No matter the size, weight, or value of your items, our shock pallets can safely and securely transport them for you. To ensure maximum protection, we employ advanced shock absorption technologies such as cushioning and foams, to protect your items against potential hazards.

  • Server rack cabinets
  • Electronic storage equipment
  • Fragile machinery

Shock pallets are expertly crafted to mitigate the effects of transportation-induced vibrations,  safeguarding your most fragile and delicate products. The foam padding utilized in these pallets is custom-cut to provide additional support in areas where the load is heaviest and less in areas of lower weight, enhancing the capacity of the pallet to absorb shocks between the trailer floor and your high-value products.

Due to their fragile components, items such as server racks, computers, and telecom devices require quality packaging to prevent damage. At J&L, we specialize in handling these delicate assets with our shock and cushion pallets, and our expertise has earned us the trust of leading technology companies. We provide a comprehensive service that can handle even the largest, heaviest, and most valuable items.

Available to handle and ship these shock pallets and cushion pallets to Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Also able to accommodate to other parts of the Midwest and United States.

Shock Pallets



J&L specializes in shock pallets tailored to the unique requirements of renowned server cabinet manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Eaton, APC by Schneider Electric, and Tripp Lite. Our custom pallet solutions are designed to perfectly accommodate the dimensions and specifications of server cabinets produced by these industry leaders as well as many others. Leveraging our expertise in precision craftsmanship and high-quality wood materials, we engineer shock pallets that effectively absorb and dissipate shocks, vibrations, and impacts, safeguarding the integrity of the sensitive equipment housed within.


J&L Wood Products Shock Pallet
Shock Pallet Server Rack Packaging