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Crafting Tailored Solutions: Custom Pallets Engineered to Your Specifications

Custom Pallets
Custom Pallets

Size: J&L has created custom pallets from 20 inches to 240 inches long.

Weight: J&L will design a pallet guaranteed to hold the weight of your product. From tens to ten thousands of pounds!

Material: J&L’s diverse lumber yard allows us to create a pallet with material specific to your needs. Whether that be softwood, hardwood, Poplar, plywood, OSB, etc.

Quantity: J&L has the capacity to reliably complete orders of 1 to truckloads of custom pallets to our customers.

Heat Treating: Let us know if your pallets will need heat treated. If your products are being shipped out of the country, they will need an ISPM-15 Heat Treat stamp. J&L operates its own kiln and is ISPM-15 certified.

Pallet Design Software

Using our Pallet Design Software, we are able to design and manufacture custom pallets or skids that are unique in size, shape, and material composition.

J&L Can Create Virtually Any Type Of Pallet For Products Of Any Size And Weight.

J&L specializes in custom pallets for

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing Machinery
  • Server Racks and Electronics
  • And Many Others

Servicing custom pallets and skids to customers in Ohio and areas such as, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, and many more.

Custom pallets play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods across various industries. Tailored to specific product dimensions, weight requirements, and handling specifications, these pallets provide a solution for safeguarding items during transit.

By customizing pallets to match the precise needs of each shipment, manufacturers can minimize the risk of damage, breakage, or loss that often occurs with standard pallets. Whether it’s fragile electronics, heavy machinery, or delicate perishables, the right custom pallet design can provide optimal support and protection, reducing the likelihood of product defects or customer dissatisfaction.

Moreover, custom pallets optimize space utilization within shipping containers, trucks, and warehouses, leading to cost savings and improved logistical efficiency. In essence, investing in custom pallets is not just about protecting products; it’s about safeguarding your reputation, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining the entire supply chain process.

Checkout Some Of Our Custom Pallets!

Custom Pallet