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Custom Crates

Customized Solutions: Crafting Custom Crates, Containers, and Boxes to Fit Your Unique Requirements

Custom Crates
Heavy Machinery Crate
Custom Crate

Our crating services cater to diverse commercial and industrial sectors, with the capability of handling virtually any type of heavy machinery, equipment, or product regardless of its size or complexity.

From the beginning, our team works with you to develop a solution that best fits your needs. We can work from an existing design or develop a new design that’s right for you.

  • Single-use crates
  • Heavy duty machinery crates
  • Trade-show crates
  • Ramps/Hinged Doors/Caster Wheels
  • Cradles/Saddles
  • Fine Art Crates

Foam Padding & Insulation

To build our custom crates, we use various types of foam/foam-in-place packaging, wood blocking, saddles, plastic corrugate, and cardboard dividers.

Whether your product is shipped overseas or a few states over, rest assured your product will be well-protected within our custom shipping crates.

We specialize in custom crates for Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Server Racks and Electronics, Automotive Parts, as well as many others.

Custom Crate
Custom Crate Foam Packaging
Crate with Shelves

ISPM-15 Heat-Treating is available to get your export crates shipped internationally, while getting your products through customs and border protection safely.

We offer our custom crates in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, including those in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Louisville. Also able to accommodate to other areas of the Midwest and East Coast.

Reusable Trade Show Crates

With our reusable trade show crates, your product will make many trips in a single custom crate. Not only are these reusable crates easier on the environment, but they also allow for the simplest loading and unloading of your product, so the focus remains on the tradeshow instead of a damaged product.

We assemble our containers with durable hardware for a professional look and ease of use.

Let us know if your tradeshow crate needs specialty additions like:

  • Caster wheels
  • Ramps
  • Saddles/Cradles
  • Hinged doors

If you are looking for custom trade show crates, look no further than J&L Wood Products.

Trade Show Crate







When requesting a crate quote, take into account the following considerations:

  1. Inside Dimensions: Consider the size specifications of the crate needed for your shipment.
  2. Product Configuration and Weight Distribution: Evaluate the structure and weight distribution of your product, considering the challenges posed by the shipping and handling environment.
  3. Export or Domestic Shipping: Specify whether the crate is intended for international export or domestic shipping.

Our crate portfolio includes:

  • Large Heat-Treated Export Crates
  • Custom Knock-Down Crates
  • Metal Fabrication Crates
  • Custom Wood Crates Designed for Warehouse Storage
  • Crates with Shipping Stencils
  • Fine Art Crates

Trust J&L Wood Products for tailored wooden crate solutions that cater to your unique packaging needs.